Hey There!

Just wanted to write down some thoughts I had floating around. I went to a family wellness meeting the other day. They had 3 babies 3 weeks – 4 months and some of the faculty D.C.s came to show us how they would do an examination from the fontanelles to the toes and lines on the bottom of their feet. I learned a lot about cause and effect. There is almost always a reason for a person or baby to cry, feel uncomfortable, or even be constipated. There are so many possibilities for chiropractic care to diagnose and treat the cause of the symptoms. For instance a taut diaphragm will pinch both the vagus nerve and esophagus. This can result in acid reflux and/or constipation because the “rest and digest” signals initiated from vagus aren’t going though to the GI tract and the esophagus is being shut closed! It was amazing to see our instructors “adjust” babies! I realized that there is an opportunity to find my niche. I absolutely love kids. Do I love adults? Of course, however there is something magical about the relationship between a mother and child that I would love to be apart of. Perhaps its because I think childhood outlines how the child will turn out as an adult. When a person is emotionally, physically, and mentally balanced then the person is more likely to be a well rounded human being that will contribute to the world. This is how I believe I can change the world I live in for the better. I realize that its not the most popular field to go in, but I believe in it full heartedly so I must follow the path that I am passionate about. I’m going to give it a go and invest everything I have in this direction because I want to, whether or not I will make a lot of money or because its a good job for a “girl” but because I think it is an extremely important need in our society.

I think I just found peace within myself and a sense of direction which is what I have been searching for my entire life. :)

Love much, Jen

Be Positive

This seems to be an incredibly difficult time. In school, my success is measured by a grade. A little number that calls my name and tells me where I stand in line. Does it take into account my persistence or ability to interact with people or be successful. I realize that I can’t let a number define me. No can give me boundaries or outline my dreams or life. After watching and listening to some inspirational talks, Ive come to realize that I need to change my self talk. I will acknowledge when others and myself are right and reenforce positive actions with positive comments or tie them with good emotions. Im quick to cry, but thats how I release my stress. It allows to be sad then quickly overcome it. I would hope to be a little tougher, but then again I can only be me. I am the best version of me and no one else can take that away. I need to just realize that life is unfair, but if I believe that I can do anything I want to in life then I can. I want to achieve every little dream Ive ever had. I want to own my own practice. I want patients that I can consider apart of my life and I can nurture and help them become as complete as they can be then let them fly to do Big Things. I am proud of myself for embracing a lifestyle that I have always wanted. I feel great. I’m proud of myself for volunteering at this chiropractor’s office because it will allow me to grasp new techniques and understand and apply my new set of palpation skills. 


This weeks goal is to Dream big and believe! -Jen 

Creating Psychological space

the key to productivity is having the ability to concentrate:

Steps for making Band-Width (aka thinking room)

1) Capture my thoughts: carry around pen and paper to constantly jot down and clear room in my mind for new ideas

2) Be specific: write down the outcome I strive and what my next action to reach that outcome will be

3) Use the right maps: outline or create a guide that will lead me to my outcome and make branches that will help reach the goal

4) Reprocess my direction and evaluate what needs to change or be done.

5)Deviate away from success to find another way to improve




Today and for the Future


I wanted to write down a few things that have been running through my head.

Future Business: Be Better Tomorrow 

Always X-Ray a patient, do spinal analysis, motion palpation, and ADVERTISE ADVERTISE ADVERTISE

possibly out patient billing, look into demographics before opening, Be unique, Be who you know you are regardless of what others say, form a relationship with patients and figure out which table you want to be using for your adjustments,

Define a subluxation to 100 or more people before opening a business

-Do a research/video project on the health benefits of wholistic living and focus on cervical adjustments, acupuncture, and possibly ultrasound/MRI 

Believe in yourself and all that you are. 


Key to being happy:

1)everyday wake up with a smile

2)be grateful for everything you have in your life.

3)Eat lots of fruits and vegetables no matter what anyone says

4)Tell someone you love and appreciate them.

5) Love yourself or at least pretend to until you do.

Much love,


This week is going to be tough, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!! 



Trimester 2


Hmm, looking back on my posts I realize how incredibly humbling it is to have successfully made it through my first trimester at Logan. What seemed like a huge hill was overcome with hard work and a change in my attitude. Keys to success included: STOP BEING NERVOUS and ANXIOUS. We went over in class how an increase in panic (ex. cramming for a quiz) increases alertness, but decrease the ability to focus and comprehend. So, I decided to stop studying the day of a quiz or exam. This forced me to study beforehand. Also, I moved into a apartment on Manchester Rd in Missouri with my best friend! I feel so spoiled living 10 minutes away from school, but I truly feel like it has made a difference in the way I feel. I am going to continue to strive to do my best. 

Goals for this trimmest include:

Earn straight A’s

Tutor histology and Spinal Anatomy to establish a better understanding of how to communicate with others and increase my comprehension of the subjects. **Also, help others learn to succeed!

Lose 20 pounds

And learn to love myself for who I am.

Be comfortable in my own skin.

Lets see how I do!

Have a great day, Jennifer 

The Struggle


Wow, I can actually say I hate school. I really am running out of stamina and its only the 6th week! Oh Happy Valentine’s Day. Too bad there was no extra credit on either our test or quiz ;/ But I don’t know if I can make it alive. I feel like I’m barely getting by and I don’t know how to step it up. I suppose I can only do as much as I can and then keep trudging on.


Have a nice day,



Chiropractic School


Wow it seems like there isn’t ever enough time in the day to finish homework, studying, and sleep. I realized waking up at 5:30 to drive an hour to make it to school at 7:20 is NOT was easy as it sounds! I moved into my old house to be more independent. After about 4 weeks, I ended up moving back into my parents house. My knee locked up and spasmed causing me to miss school and be even further behind. Catching up is the hardest. However after acupuncture from my dad I feel 100% better! I took an mri and will need to see my chiropractor again soon! We sit in the same seat for 8 hours a day and my lifestyle went from active to sedentary in a blink! I barely exercise and partly because of my knee I haven’t been able to be as active and all my muscle is disappearing! Its insane how fast muscles strophes! Anyways back to anatomy!

Have a great day,